Supersonic Blues Machine (SBM) performed its worldwide debut concert at the Holland International Blues Festival, June 4, 2016 in Grolloo, the Netherlands. SBM is the brainchild of blues guitarist and vocalist Lance Lopez and includes Fabrizio Grossi and Kenny Aronoff. SBM was joined by special guest artists Billy F. Gibbons, Robben Ford Music, and Walter Trout.



Lance describes how he came up with SBM in an interview with Pillow Talking:
Lance_LopezSo Billy [Gibbons] actually was the one who said you guys need to form a band – you guys need to be in a band together with a band name. Initially it started off with just Fabrizio producing my next solo album. And then it turned into Billy’s thing – when he’d said you guys need to put together a band with a band name – so that’s when Fabrizio thought of Kenny. And he took the recordings over to Kenny Aronoff and played them. Kenny was just like, “Man, I’m in – let’s do this.” Then we began writing songs, gathering songs, and once we started doing this we said we needed to make this real special. We want to have this as a big fun thing. Let’s get all of our favorite guitar players and friends and include them on this album and have them guest on the record and have them a part of it.

Billy initially even said he wanted to join the band. He said, “Man, if you guys put a band together I want to join it.” So the first track that we ever recorded was with Billy Gibbons called “Running Whiskey.” So that’s where we were like, “Man, Billy’s on it! Who’s our next favorite guy that’s our friend?” We thought of Warren Haynes. Warren and I are dear friends and of course we all love Gov’t Mule and The Allman Brothers. I’ve known those guys for years. So after Billy got involved and Warren got involved and it just kind of snowballed from there. I thought of my two old dear friends Chris Duarte and Eric Gales, and then Walter Trout and Robin Ford. All of our favorite guitar players who also happened to be our friends. And that’s what’s so cool about it – it’s like most of my favorite musicians that are alive today that are currently out playing are friends of mine and it’s so good to have that. That’s kind of what we wanted to have happen. Supersonic Blues Machine is comprised of Kenny, Fab, and me, but it’s really about having our great friends and kind of a big party – a big kind of jam session with all of our friends. So we really have been putting a lot of effort into that for the last two or three years. That’s really taken up a lot of time. The album finally came out late last month on Mascot Label Group. We are really excited about it. We got some great stuff going on with it. We will be doing some touring with it later this year. It’s turning out to be something wonderful.

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