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Someday Productions Launches First Book to Amazon Kindle:
DEADRAISER Part 1: Horror in Jordan’s Bank

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Danbury, CT – Someday Productions LLC’s multi-talented duo of award-winning writers, playwrights, screenwriters, and bloggers – owner and president Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley along with her husband Wayne J. Keeley – have launched their co-written novel, DEADRAISER Part 1: Horror in Jordan’s Bank, to Amazon Kindle in e-book format. In the two weeks that the book has been available on the monster online retailer, it has broken the “Top 100” in two categories: horror/ghost and horror/occult, making it an Amazon Best Seller,

DEADRAISER is the tale of a present-day necromancer who achieves what others have been unable to do for centuries – raise the dead. The problem is that he must sacrifice innocent victims in order to maintain his power and his eye now is on young Fanchon (Frankie) Manning, daughter of the late movie star Erika Manning. Two years after losing her mother, Frankie and Erika’s former manager, Christopher McGuire, embark on a road trip to Erika’s hometown of Jordan’s Bank, Massachusetts. But things are about to change very quickly in The Bank – evil is everywhere. Chris, a lost soul who long ago had ceased believing in anything, must somehow summon the courage and rediscover his faith in order to protect Frankie from the Necromancer’s malevolent desires.

Stephanie and Wayne have been partners in myriad creative endeavors for many years and were married last October, sharing their work, their passions, and their beautiful families (they have seven children between them). What makes them unique as a writing team is that they each speak to their individual strengths, championing a dual “He Said/She Said” voice, which honors the differences in male and female experiences and perspectives. As an umbrella for their works, Stephanie began Someday Productions LLC in early 2015 and later that year launched Pillow Talking, a blog which includes theatre, film, book, TV, music, and other entertainment reviews and celebrity interviews where the couple co-blogs.

With the options increasing for small publishers and self-publishers to write and promote works through online markets, Stephanie and Wayne started researching ways to become successful through Amazon Kindle’s channels. They decided publishing via Someday Productions was the best avenue to get their very well-received novel into the hands of eager readers. Learning also that purchasers do not need to own Kindles, but instead that they may download free Kindle reader apps on any electronic device made the option that much more intriguing. It is anticipated that Someday Productions will become a publishing and producing entity for other authors and artists as well, including an option it currently holds for a book series written by author Ray Hoy.

Together they have co-authored another novel which currently is under print contract, as well as two other manuscripts, a self-help book and a celebrity memoir. In addition, they also have penned countless stage- and screenplays, TV pilots and unscripted show treatments, and even have worked together on two public service campaigns.

To see or purchase their book, DEADRAISER Part 1: Horror in Jordan’s Bank, visit Amazon at . For more information about Someday Productions, visit, and to see their very active blog, Pillow Talking,  visit them at .



Stephanie & Wayne

About Stephanie & Wayne

Stephanie is a journalist, writer, editor, and has had several hundred articles published in various newspapers and magazines, many of which still are available online under “Stephanie Lyons Schultz”. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and was a practicing psychotherapist. She currently is a professor of psychology at WCSU and NVCC in Connecticut. Wayne is an Emmy-Award winning writer, producer, and director. He has produced many programs and documentaries that have appeared on television, and have been distributed to schools, libraries, and home video. Wayne also is a practicing attorney with a Masters degree in Law from NYU. In addition, he is a professor of communications at WCSU. Together, this recently wed couple write, produce, and direct as many of their stage, screen, and TV projects as they can with a full house -- their combined brood of seven! Some of their work has been featured this summer and fall off off Broadway; other work currently is under option. They hope to continue to promote more of their projects in the coming months! Feel free to write whatever comments you like! We want your feedback!