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Stephanie and Wayne at Pillow Talking are lovers of everything culture, entertainment, dining, travel, and family. We are thrilled to take in new experiences from the zany to the refined and we’ll write about them from our own unique and gender-heavy perspectives.

If you are interested in having your event, business, entertainment venue, or cultural work featured by us, please reach out! Email us at info at somedayprods dot com to find out more. Any advertising we approve for our site will be labeled as such as per FTC regulations.

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Reviews – We will travel to and experience your play, film, stand-up show, concert, restaurant, hotel, family venue, book, or any other type of service. We are happy to then write unique reviews from the He Said/She Said viewpoints. For family events, we even will have guest posts from our children (boys and girls who range in age from 10-19) if you wish. We do not charge for our reviews but do require travel costs and entrance fees to events, venues, etc.

Social media– Pillow Talking also will share these experience through social media in both written text and photos.

Products and giveaways – Product reviews and giveaways can pique the interest of readers about your brand. We will consider those appropriate for individuals (men, women, or children), couples, as well as families as a whole.

Sponsored posts – Sponsors will be considered if the content relates to culture, travel, entertainment, recreational pursuits, family, etc. As us for more information.

Banner advertising – Several formats are available.

Writing Services – Please refer to our homepage at somedayprods dot com for the work we do. We are a talented team of writers of all types of media related to stage, screen, television, and books. We can offer consulting, collaboration, work-for-hire, and also have a cache of products in development, some of which are still looking for a home!

Please inquire for more information and rates. Email us at info at somedayprods dot com to find out more.


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