Pillow Talking’s Review of THE WALKING DEAD #162 Comic Book

Someday Productions LLC and Pillow Talking are pleased to present the following review of  THE WALKING DEAD #162 comic book by Guest Blogger Brendan Hughes

Walking Dead

by Brendan Hughes

Title: The Walking Dead #162

Story by: Robert Kirkman

Art by: Charlie Adlard

In the 162nd issue of The Walking Dead, we see the end of the “Whisperer War” saga. While this narrative has had some intense moments, it has been mostly void of death except for Negan’s pet bat (sorry for the spoiler). Beta proceeds with his army of walkers from the recently scorched Hilltop and only one thing remains in their path to Alexandria. Kirkman initially lulls the readers into a sense of safety for an event of this size but things quickly change.

William and his soldiers finally arrive at the Hilltop to find it destroyed. While he believes that all is lost, survivors of the destroyed community call out to him. Maggie informs a deeply sorrowed William that they will make their way to Alexandria and deal with rebuilding Hilltop later. Dwight and the rest of the Militia return after defeating the Whisperers; however, Rick realizes that Dwight only defeated a small faction. Eugene makes a delivery of ammunition while an injured Beta is right on his tail with the Whisperers.

Adlard’s artwork is always satisfyingly gritty in the way that it creates the perfect feel for the dark story. The spread with the walkers led by the Whisperers as they surround Alexandria has to be one of the most memorable scenes in this saga.

While this issue doesn’t quite generate the impact many fans might have been looking for in wrapping up the “Whisperer War” saga it does set up “Conquered” to be the next epic arc.

Rating 7.5/10


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