Pillow Talking’s Review of THE CHRIS ROLLING SQUAD CD

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Chris Rolling


Chris Rolling is a singer, songwriter, and musician. Based in France, his bluesy music is global in nature, reaching from Europe to the heart of the Texas blues. He has an international following. We are pleased to offer this review by our Guest Blogger Rick Tedesco.

The Chris Rolling Squad CD 

by Rick Tedesco

What can you say about a guy who opens his CD with a song called “Whore”? Personally? … I say HELL YES! Not to make this about me but when I did my solo CD a few years back and arguably the strongest track on the CD also was called “Whore,” everyone said No, you can’t make that the opening track … and I listened. Wish I didn’t. Thank YOU for not listening Chris!

Now, on to the CD. I’m happy to report track 1, “Whore,” punches you in the face with a kick-ass, high-energy drum intro followed by riffy rock guitar a la Alice Cooper’s Billon Dollar Babies. Good stuff! His guitar screams that instantly definable strat tone … very Hendrix in his approach. Track 2, “Help Me,” delivers more riff rock which I can never get enough of. He’s a throwback to when music didn’t suck. Hendrix, Robin Trower, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mark Knopfler … the “strat gods” are very much alive in his playing. Track 3, “Redemption,” has some great bass lines by Brice Duval and his drummer, Romain Cauneau, does some excellent syncing with a blazing guitar solo any guitarist would envy. Chris has got himself a great rhythm section. Track 4, “Vampire Blues,” is a very cool, swanky, kinda 40’s blues number that I really enjoyed. Track 5, “Janet Says Go Go Go,” is the only cover song on the CD and it kicks some complete ass. He made it his own for sure. The songs are short, energetic, and to the point with no fluff.

The single criticism I have is the CD contains only 5 songs and I wanted more! Well done boys!

–Rick Tedesco


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IMG_0916Rick Tedesco is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer who runs the Guitar Hangar music store in Brookfield, CT (check him out at www.guitarhangar.com) as well as the Guitar Hangar recording studio. A 47-year veteran in the music business, he has worked with greats like Ian Hunter, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted, original Alice Cooper band members as well as many local musicians whom he has helped turn songs ideas into finished CDs. He currently is working with his writing partner, Kevin Hupp, and the band Psycho Merchants on their second CD and also is a guitarist for The Carrie Ashton Band.





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