Pillow Talking Spotlight — 20th Anniversary of Cult NOSFERATU — THE FIRST VAMPIRE

In Pillow Talking’s Spotlight today is the anniversary of the cult film NOSFERATU–THE FIRST VAMPIRE

20TH ANNIVERSARY – Twenty years ago I produced the cult and rather controversial film NOSFERATU-THE FIRST VAMPIRE. It was controversial because I tampered with a silent classic by digitizing it, redoing the dialogue screens, tininting it, using a goth band soundtrack and having David Carradine host it.

I originally wanted the great goth band TYPE-O Negative to score the film with new music. Because of their schedule, they did not have the time. But they choose from their music which pieces went with which scenes. So their mark and connection are indelibly left on the remastered film.

David Carradine hosted the project. His portion was shot in a less than soundproof garret in Canada during the Toronto Film Festival. The shoot lasted from about 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. David brought his father’s (actor John Carradine) sword to the shoot and displayed it at one point during the shooting.

The film was shown on Direct TV on Halloween and distributed throughout home video.

Nosferatu authority, Geno Cuddy, with my full authorization, restored my version to its true glory for the 20th anniversary. Enjoy —  WAYNE J. KEELEY, Producer, Director, Writer


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