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SEE EVIL by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley — Overview

See Evil (Screenplay) Overview

posterWhen a woman with failing vision begins to see deathly images, she senses that others will perish, including her wife and unborn child. Finding that she cannot stop fate once it’s set in motion, her only desire is to save the ones she loves.





Female Empowerment Meets the Horror Genre Face-To-Face in SEE EVIL (Broadway World)

The Long Road From Psychotherapist to Single Mom to Female Empowerment Advocate to Award Winning Filmmaker for Small Town Girl  (Underground — (Culture, Film, Art, Music)


Film Festival Laurels

Big Apple Finalist

2018_Official_SelectionOFFICIAL SELECTION - Independent Horror Movie Awards - 2019


Writer Statement

With the critical importance of female voices in the entertainment industry, See Evil is a female-driven piece in all ways, beginning with Lyons-Keeley’s writing. The story centers on two protagonists, a happily married female couple, Olivia and Abby, who are intelligent, capable, and self-reliant. Unlike many films with an LGBTQ theme, See Evil is not about these characters’ sexual orientations; rather, it is a story in which the main characters simply are in a same-gender marriage. As a side note, this is an element intended level the social playing field through media, aiding in normalizing all kinds of relationships.

Genres with immense appeal in today’s entertainment market are the supernatural, the paranormal, thriller and horror – and that’s precisely what See Evil embodies. Olivia, whose eyesight is failing due to macular degeneration, begins to literally See Evil. Whether it’s a gift or a curse, she somehow knows when someone is about to die and she can do nothing stop fate once it has come calling.

See Evil is also psychological. It is a film about relationships, those in which anyone can identify. It is terrifying, with the power to instill fear in all of us. After all, no one knows when their time is up. The question is, would we want to?



HeadshotSLKStephanie has a gift for understanding the human condition; since childhood, she’s had a keen sense for what makes people tick. Fast forward to adulthood and to her exploration into what underlies human nature which led her to the field of psychology and work as a psychotherapist and professor of psychology. But Stephanie is also an artist and a storyteller, able to weave together her many avid interests. She spends many an hour tapping away at the keys of her laptop creating stories in multiple genres including comedy, drama, and thriller/horror.

But Stephanie wouldn’t be where she is today without the synergy and energy derived from the relationship she has with her partner-in-crime and loving and talented husband, Wayne J. Keeley. Plucking her from the doldrums of freelance journalism (she met him when assigned to write a story about a public service announcement he had created), Wayne believed Stephanie would make an “excellent producer” – and so a business and creative relationship was forged. Now, more than a decade later, the two both work and play together, spending nary a moment apart (how do they do it?)! It is in this spirit that they have produced and written Emmy Award-nominated programming; written, produced, and directed Off-Off Broadway plays; written screenplays, stage plays, and teleplays; and co-authored novels. They also co-blog about theatre, films, and other entertainment works on their “He Said/She Said”-themed blog, Pillow Talking, which you can read at You also can read about Stephanie and Wayne’s projects at and more about Stephanie on on her IMDb page at

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Stephanie & Wayne

About Stephanie & Wayne

Stephanie is a journalist, writer, editor, and has had several hundred articles published in various newspapers and magazines, many of which still are available online under “Stephanie Lyons Schultz”. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and was a practicing psychotherapist. She currently is a professor of psychology at WCSU and NVCC in Connecticut. Wayne is an Emmy-Award winning writer, producer, and director. He has produced many programs and documentaries that have appeared on television, and have been distributed to schools, libraries, and home video. Wayne also is a practicing attorney with a Masters degree in Law from NYU. In addition, he is a professor of communications at WCSU. Together, this recently wed couple write, produce, and direct as many of their stage, screen, and TV projects as they can with a full house -- their combined brood of seven! Some of their work has been featured this summer and fall off off Broadway; other work currently is under option. They hope to continue to promote more of their projects in the coming months! Feel free to write whatever comments you like! We want your feedback!

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