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by Nicholas Dunn

With the recent announcement of Injustice 2, I feel it is only appropriate that I review the first game, Injustice, in what will likely become a new series of fighting games based upon its success so far. NetherRealm has hit diamonds when it comes to this slightly new concept of a fighting game for DC gaming. The idea itself piques the interest of not only fighting game players but of comic book lovers as well.

When looking at the game itself, it isn’t half bad when it comes to the storyline. Usually fighting games are not known for complex and interesting narratives as they’re usually very predictable. However, NetherRealm has gotten their hands on a complex mythical premise that has so many different tales and arcs that they easily could make at least 10 games from all the stories that have come out of DC over the years. I will try not to ruin it for you but we really don’t get the chance to understand how far Superman has gone in the game to become the master of evil in that universe until we see his organization start to question him. His actions will shock even the most noncommittal player. Of course there likely will be some clear favorites you may root for in the story, but for me these are The Joker and Flash.

When looking at the gameplay, Injustice first struck me like a piece of art with all the detail in the background and even in the characters themselves. However, the more I played the more I saw that although some things were complex, other things were lacking. For example, in the parts where we see armies or civilians and individual soldiers I feel the developers could have taken a little extra time in creating diverse skins for them instead of just copying and pasting it all. Those little things would have given more life to the story. The combat is pretty smooth with not many faltering qualities but that’s NetherRealm’s typical M.O. When looking at how characters stack up against one another, there definitely were a few who were over powered (ex. Aquaman, Green Arrow, Batman).

Aside from the regular story mode, the other modes were exciting to play through with all the different variations of bonuses or enemies you could fight. What I really like were all the different story ending parts where after your character defeats Superman, their story lives on for a bit longer. Personal favorites for the ending stories were Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, and Wonder Woman.

Overall, I feel this game is just what a lot of fans want and need and we can’t wait to get more! I especially am looking forward to the new game and always will enjoy the moments I had and discovered while playing the original Injustice.


Nicholas Dunn

NDphotoSome say he is a madman, others say he is a master of his craft, and his family thinks he is wasting his life away. Whatever your perspective, Nicholas Dunn is an experienced traveler within the gaming community. He dabbles in every style of gaming from FPS to platforms to those about which one might ask, “Why was this game even made?” He explores it all and now wishes to share his stories about gaming with the online community.


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