SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition Judges’ Feedback and Script Analysis

Judges’ Feedback and Script Analysis

We at SOMEDAY understand the value of receiving constructive feedback about the development of your screenplay. In addition to awards recognition, the SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition offers applicants the opportunity to request feedback and in-depth script analysis from the highly qualified team of judges. This includes detailed commentary about key script elements such as uniqueness of the storyline, structure and pacing, character development, and overall commercial appeal.

A comprehensive SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition analysis is available for a separate fee of $100 and is invaluable, particularly for new and emerging writers but it also provides exceptional peer support for writers at all levels.

Script analysis is available to writers even if they have not submitted a script for judging. In such cases, feedback will be delivered via email within 4 weeks. For writers who have submitted a script in one or more contest categories, feedback will be delivered via email within 2 weeks of final judging.


  • Concept / Theme
  • Characters
  • Plot / Structure
  • Pacing
  • Conflict / Stakes
  • Tone
  • Dialogue
  • Marketability
  • Other Concerns (overall script presentation, technical errors, grammar, spelling, etc.)