SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition Categories

Categories for Submission

To provide support to a broad range of writing talent and in understanding the appeal of multiple genres across audiences and demographics, the SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition offers a general submission category each month. Periodically, there will be genre-specific submission contests as well as contests for TV pilots and shorts.

Categories include but are not limited to: sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, horror/thriller, drama, action, and family.

MAY will feature BOTH general submission and COMEDY contests in honor of Red Nose Day, when laughter rules!

OCTOBER will feature BOTH general submission and HORROR contests, because, well, October is when ghouls rule!

Stay tuned for announcements for TV pilots and Shorts!

For features, scripts shall be a minimum of 70 pages. For shorts, scripts shall be 69 pages or fewer.

For television pilots, both 30-minute and hour-long formats are accepted in all genres.

Any non-winning screenplay may be entered again into the SOMEDAY… Screenplay Competition at a later date, provided significant revisions have been made. If a script has been re-entered and it is determined by the judges that the script has not been significantly revised and/or improved, it is wholly at the discretion of the SOMEDAY… Screenplay Competition not to consider it. In this instance, no refunds of submission fees will be made.

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