SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition


The SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition is an exciting, international, multi-genre screenwriting contest with the goal to identify the best new voices in screenwriting for film and television!

We at Someday Productions have always dreamed of having our someday, as we wistfully fantasize about all the future may hold. As a talented husband-and-wife duo, we live, love, and work hard at making things happen, together, and that vision has propelled us forward in our dedication to the craft as well as to help us maintain our focus and positivity. Through the SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition, we intend to share that ideology with you; to give you the impetus to work toward shaping your own dreams so that you eventually may see them become reality. With our guidance, you, too, may have your someday!

As a new contest within the ever-growing festival circuit, we believe the SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition offers up-and-coming screenwriters something beyond simple vanity recognition. We carefully review each submission, zeroing in on fresh and creative ideas, unique voices, and quality screenwriting. We believe passion, determination, and constructive feedback are the keys to success. That said, we are honored to invite you to submit your work, where you will be held to the highest standards in the industry and will be measured against other talented writers who share similar goals. Our intent is to identify the best of the best in entertainment writing.

Your scripts will be read cover-to-cover by our team of award-winning, passionate writers, who themselves have received countless festival laurels for both films and screenplays, and know very well what it is like to pound the festival pavement in order to pursue the elusive dream of seeing their work grace the screen.

Screenwriters may submit their 70+ page feature scripts in one or more of our myriad specifically designated categories and/or in our periodic “potpourri” all-genres competitions including: sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, horror/thriller, drama, action, and family. Writers also may submit their shorts (under 70 pages); or for TV pilots, in either 30-minute or hour-long formats.

We are proud to offer our celebrated winners the following:

The Call for Entries for the SOMEDAY… Screenwriting Competition varies based upon genre category selected. Please take note of our various genre categories and submission deadlines. All scripts may be entered into multiple categories if desired and where appropriate. Screenwriters with non-winning entries are encouraged to make revisions before re-submitting to our festival.

Click below to submit your screenplay through FilmFreeway so that we may honor your passion. It is our sincere hope that you’ll soon be on the road to discovering your SOMEDAY….